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T.H.E. Black Mass preamp/distortion is my response to the high saturation gain monsters of modern metal. I have meticulously crafted the gain stage to have multiple voicing options from clear and articulate to the top end heat that has become standard on modern high gain amps.

The parametric EQ gives you control over each each band's center frequency as well as a Mid Q control to adjust the width of your Mid frequency band. This allows for some great tone shaping options with up to ~20db of boost/cut. And yes, if you set the frequencies right you can get that chainsaw grind.

Converting your 9V supply to a bipolar 36V internally gives this pedal all the headroom and volume you need to run it as as a preamp into a loop/power amp or stacked with other pedal/amp gain.

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Name Location Description
Clean External Blends between your dry guitar tone and the distortion. The gain of the clean side can be adjusted via an internal trim pot. This can be really nice for blending the high gain sound of Black Mass with an already dirty channel or just to allow more note attack and articulation in your sound.
Sat(uration) External Controls the amount of clipping saturation from an open sound to a more compressed and saturated gain character.
Has an impact on overall volume output.
Voice (toggle) External Two gain modes. Up for higher gain sizzle.
Mid External Adjust the amount of mid frequncies.
M(id).Freq(uency) External Adjust the center frequency of the mid control.
M(id).Q External Adjust the Q (bandwidth) of the mid control.
High External Cut/boost the treble frequencies.
H(igh).Freq(uency) External Adjust the center frequency of the high control.
Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
L(ow).Freq(uency) External Adjust the center frequency of the low control.
Pres(ence) External Adjust the upper high end presence frequency content to tame the gain to taste.
Level External This is your standard volume attenuator that allows you to set from unity or below unity, or crank it up for a boosted signal.
Note that many of the controls are interactive with the output level of the pedal such as Saturation and Clean.
High Pass Internal Adjust the overall amount of low end in the effect.
Clean Gain Internal Gain for the dry guitar single in the Clean control.
Gain Internal Overall gain level of the third gain stage. Typically this is left at noon but can be adjusted to taste for more or less overall gain in the pedal.
Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
Default setting at minimum (full CCW).

Signal Chain

This content is under development. Check back soon.



This product contains internal circuitry to increase the 9VDC supply to higher voltages for additional headroom.
Applying more than 9VDC can cause damage to this product.





Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.

Demo Videos

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