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Distortion Prototype 05/2022

Distortion Prototype 05/2022

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What do you get when you take a Chvrchbvrner, move all the controls on front, drop the first gain stage soft-clipping toggge but add an additional gain voicing, change the active eq for a hybrid style, and change the hard-clipping saturation control to the outside? ... Well, you get this experiment.

It's a monster but only snapshot in time as I'm always looking to try to new things with my design. Rather than just shelve the PCBs, I'm making 4 more to use them and let you all enjoy as well. 


Simple waterslide decal with matte clear.


      • Level – Controls the output volume
      • Pre – Controls the amount of soft clipping gain and with the toggle on or off can dial in some nice first stage overdrive
      • Post – Controls the amount of gain saturation into the hard clipping section. 
      • High– Adjust the treble frequencies
      • Mid 
      • Adjust the mid range frequencies
      • Low 
      • Adjust the bass frequencies
      • Pres(ence) – Controls the upper mid-range frequencies
      • Clip  Activate/remove soft clipping in second gain stage
      • Sat(uration)  Adjust the amount of hard-clipping after the gain stages
      • Voice  Changes the gain character in the first stage for more "sizzle"
    • Tight – Controls the pre-gain low end frequencies


      • 9-18V – Use a boss style 2.1mm 9 to 18V power supply.


      • True Bypass – Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT
      • LED Brightness (internal trim) – Adjust the brightness of the bypass LED
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