Hi. My name is Shea (pronounced Shay). I started thiSHEAvyearth here in Portland, Oregon in April of 2021 after the end of my previous endeavor Transmutation Devices. I am a Lighting Designer at a sustainable engineering and design firm but spend my nights/weekends designing amps and effect pedals. You may notice that I do not include a lot of extra box candy and recycle packing material sent to me in my shipments in an effort to reduce some of the carbon footprint of this passion project.

Over the past years of creating modified clones, I decided that my goal for T.H.E. would be to create more unique builds and move some of my custom amplifier builds into production formats. Admittedly I tend to put "too many" knobs/controls on builds that could be intimidating to some but my goal is to offer the maximum versatility possible. Of course this comes at the expense of being able to possibly dial in a down right shit setting but that's a fair trade off for the level of flexibility designed into my builds.

Everything is designed and built by me right here in my basement so sometimes order quantities or just life can cause a little bit of delay as I build to order. Due to this I try to offer maximum transparency through "Build Updates" on social media as well as webstore newsletter emails (but I promise not to spam you with email).

Not sure what you might be looking for from my line? Hop over to my YouTube. I'm not the guitar player I once was because I rarely get to play lately (something I need to change) but you'll find introduction/knob turn videos from me as well as a Playlist called Pedal Demos that aggregates the known demos out there. These demos are also linked to each product page to help your decision. Still not sure? Reach out and chat about it.

Last thing, feel free to send me video or audio of what you're doing with your purchase. I love hearing how others use my designs. When possible hit me with a link or tag on social so I can share it back out. I don't actively market my product so demos from great people online and word of mouth is everything.