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A throwback small run of a killer from years back during my days of designing the products for TMD. The Crust Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M. EQ) is a destructive HM2-style chainsaw grind machine with simple yet powerful controls. 

Recently, I have had a bunch of people still rocking this pedal reach out stating that it their "always on" and "never left my pedalboard" and asking if there would ever be a THE version. Way back during my TMD days, I actually had a new version planned that gave control of the asymmetrical hard clipping via an additional knob labeled CLIP so I decided to bring it back in small runs.

Why small runs? Well ultimately there are already a lot of players out there making killer chainsaw gear, such as AIB and Dunn, so I really don't feel the need to maintain this additional build in stock or regular runs. 

2024-02-22 - v5.0 - modified sweep of knobs for easier control. added DIP switches for hard clipping. added DIP switches to change input bandwidth (low end)

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Name Location Description
Gain External Controls the amount of distortion
Level External Controls the output volume.
Grind External Blends in a dimed HM2 EQ.
EQ Center Frequency Shift Internal Allows you to shift the center frequency for each of the 3 bands.
Default is noon.
Clip Internal Select between asymmetrical silicon, symmetrical LED, or no hard clipping.
Default setting is Left Up, Right Down
More, Internal Adjust the amount of low end input to the boost gain stage.
Default setting is both Down
Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
Default setting at minimum (full CCW).


While 9V is perfectly adequate for gnarly grind, feel free to use 18V for additional headroom.





Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.


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