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Feb 25thComing soon with a refreshed EQ section per user feedback.

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Just when you thought it couldn't get more evil... 

Adjust the cascading gain stages to get the classic black metal tone or crank them to get crazy high gain riffage.

This is not just a blackened thrash machine, there are so many usable tones available with the expanded active EQ controls allow you to dial in those 'blues lawyer' tones as well as compliment your death and doom rigs.

Consider this in the category of effects where there is so much you can do, but if you just dime every control, that won't get you there. I promise the tweaking is worth that perfect drive/distortion sound. Throw in the blend... now we can stack it.

side note: this product has no association with the djent/progressive metal song or the band. 

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    Name Location Description
    Level External Controls the output volume.
    Mode External (Footswitch) Changes the character of the first gain stage.
    2023-04-05 - updated for more gain/saturation and adjustable by internal trimmer labeled boost.
    Blend External Mix between 100% buffered dry signal and 100% wet signal to bring back the dynamics of your clean signal.
    Clean Internal (Trim) Adjust the amount of gain on the dry signal side of the blend.
    Pre External Controls the amount of the first opamp gain stage.
    Enable soft clipping DIP 1 for a more classic overdrive.
    Post External Controls the amount of gain saturation into the hard clipping section.
    High External Roll off the treble frequencies.
    Mid External Cut/boost the mid frequencies.
    Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
    Pres(ence) External Controls the upper mid-range frequencies.
    Tight External Controls the pre-gain low end frequencies.
    Clip External Adjust the amount of hard clipping saturation.
    This was the bottom side toggle in v1.
    DIP 1 and 2 Internal (Trim) Toggle each to turn on/off soft clipping in the gain stages.
    This was the top and middle side toggles in v1. Default setting is both off.
    Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
    Default setting at minimum (full CCW).


    This product can accept up to 18VDC supply input for additional headroom.





    Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.


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