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Another of my designs from my TMD days, except much more angry... much more chain saw, and more flexibility in sound. At it's core is an octave fuzz but the gyrator two band EQ gives you the ability to push it into chainsaw territory with plenty of space between for dialing in something more tame. Bring in some scoop and shift it into the perfect frequencies for your music and prepare for sludgy doom grind.

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Name Location Description
Level External Controls the output volume.
Blend External Mix between 100% buffered dry signal and 100% wet signal to bring back the dynamics of your clean signal.
Gain External Controls the amount of destruction.
High External Cut/boost the treble frequencies.
Scoop External Cut/boost the mid frequencies.
Shift External Shift the center frequency of the scoop filter.
Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Clip Internal (Trim) Adjust the amount of hard clipping saturation.
Default setting at max (full CW).
Clean Gain Internal (Trim) Adjust the amount of gain on the clean side of the blend.
Default setting at max (full CW).
Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
Default setting at minimum (full CCW).


This product can accept up to 18VDC supply input for additional headroom.





Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.


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