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The plan since the beginning of THE has been to bring several of my ideas to fruition as full amp heads. What once was just custom tube builds and mods, has evolved into the creation of a killer solidstate platform thanks to modern class d power amp technology. Mix that new technology with my preamp designs and you have an absolutely punishing, lightweight small form factor weapon of destruction. 

Based on the iconic Ampeg VH140C, the FleshRot sports several of my own mods that improve upon this legendary circuit. First is the addition of variable high pass and low pass filters that allow you to dial in the stock EQ settings, or with a couple turns you've opened up the top end and tightened the low end. 

Next I focused on the Ultra Mid. While this is a great scoop control, I found it to interfere with the frequencies necessary for cut and more importantly to many of you, chainsaw tones. What started out as A.I.B. and I talking about changing the range of the scoop, I noticed with a couple tweaks you would be able to just pick your center frequency as needed for the Ultra Mid scoop. This is when things just became heavier than heavy. 

Dimensions: 13" x 7" x 6"

Weight: 6lbs 12oz


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Name Location Description
Gain External Controls the amount of distortion
Level External Controls the output volume.
Tight External Tighten up that flub in your low end without thinning it out.
Full CCW for v1.
Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Mid External Adjust the amount of the mid scoop.
Shift External Adjust the center frequency of the mid scoop.
Noonish for v1.
High External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Pres[ence] External Unbox that top end in higher frequencies.
Full CCW for v1.
Preamp External use this toggle to disable all but the Level knob on the front creating a flat pedal platform for use with your other preamps.


Shipped with US style plug. Adapters not included for 230V.


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