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Bring two of my previous builds together the updated Crustifixion can run as a standalone HM2 style tone stack or recreate the classic chainsaw sound. 


      • Level – Controls the output volume
        • Blend – Mix between 100% buffered dry signal and 100% wet signal to bring back the dynamics of your clean signal
          • Gain – Controls the amount of distortion
            • High – Cut/boost the treble frequencies
              • Mid  Cut/boost the mid range frequencies
                • Low  Cut/boost the bass frequencies
                  • Internal Trimmers – Sweep the center frequency of each EQ band. Shipped set to noon for stock settings.
                    • Toggle – Change/remove hard clipping. If in EQ Only mode you will need to be pushing it with another pedal to have enough signal for the hard clippers. Center is the most compatible with EQ Only depending on your signal chain.
                        • Top – BAT46 (my preference)
                          • Middle – None (diode lift)
                            • Bottom– 1n914 (stock)


                              • 9-18V – Use a boss style 2.1mm 9 to 18V power supply.


                              • True Bypass – Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT
                              • LED Brightness (internal trim) – Adjust the brightness of the bypass LED


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