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At it's core was the Ampeg VH140c but don't be fooled, I couldn't help myself but to make a few tweaks to better fit my taste. I found the circuit to be a bit darker than I prefer so first up was adjustments to the filtering. While I was in there tuning it, I have adjusted the tapers on the knobs as well to allow for more ease in dialing in your tone. I found the original amp to be a bit touchy on some the controls. 

This is the one for you if you're looking for heavy death metal brutality to put in front of your amp or use as a preamp.

Artwork Sevil

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Name Location Description
Gain External Controls the amount of distortion
Level External Controls the output volume.
Start with it at zero, there is a lot of volume on tap.
Low External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Mid External Adjust the amount of mid scoop.
High External Cut/boost the bass frequencies.
Bypass LED Brightness Internal Adjust overall brightness of front LED.
Default setting at minimum (full CCW).

Signal Chain



This product contains internal circuitry to increase the 9VDC supply to higher voltages for additional headroom.
Applying more than 9VDC can cause damage to this product.





Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT.

Demo Videos

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