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Rile Cult - Dual Drive Prototype 05/2022

Rile Cult - Dual Drive Prototype 05/2022

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RileCult is the result of something I have been working on for awhile with an artist who plays both bass and guitar. The right side started out as an OCD style circuit and the left started as a Rat style circuit. The current version is a set of gain pedals that cover a lot of territory and sound great on guitar or bass. 


Simple waterslide decal with matte clear.

Controls (both)

    • Level – Controls the output volume
    • Blend  – Adjust between your buffered dry signal and wet effect. Great for bass, low tunings, or in this case... stacking the gains.
    • Gain – Controls the drive through the gain stage
    • Filter  – Adjust the bass frequencies in the gain stage

    Controls (overdrive)

    • Tone – Cuts the upper frequencies
    • HP/LP  High Peak / Low Peak, HP will get you more a bit brighter sound
    • Grit – Change the voicing of the gain stage, get a little more "sizzle"

    Controls (distortion)

    • Cut– Cuts the upper frequencies
    • Clip  Select between LED, silicon, or diode lift for the hard-clipping


      • 9-18V – Use a boss style 2.1mm 9 to 18V power supply. Feeding it with 18v is my preference


      • True Bypass – Soft click (1.1KGf) mechanical 3PDT
      • LED Brightness (internal trim) – Adjust the brightness of the bypass LED
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